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228-271-7626 Jeremiah will answer.

Helping Hand Handyman is a low cost Handyman whose prices can be double checked for low premiums. "READ ALL" below to understand what to expect when you make contact with us, and for a breakdown of jobs that can be done, labor costs breakdowns, and Hours of operation breakdown, plus how to recieve your "Free OTP Estimate" rite now.
We give you the low cost you will know is a low cost because we use Homeadvisor.coms price guide lists which is part of our estimate sent to you(screenshot). This guide shows you Low/High/Average labor costs in your area for any job you have at a price that home advisor won't give you themselves.
These are my Areas of personal skills and Years of first hand working experience which bare as follows but not limited to;

Electrical (10yrs)
Roofing Repairs (20+years)
Siding (20+yrs)
Flooring (20+yrs)
Plumbing (12yrs)
Deck Work (20+yrs)
Fence Work (15yrs)
Tree/Bush/Lawn Work (20+) Insulation (20+yrs)
HVAC Electrical (5yrs)
Electronics repair (25 yrs),
Insulation (20+yrs)
Windows/Door repair and Replacement (20+yrs)
Painting (15yrs)
Fencing (10years)
Custom built shelving & ramps; custom wood work of all types (20+yrs)

There is much more then I can possibly list, so please feel free to contact Helping Hand to see what can be done for you today for your "FREE OVER THE PHONE ESTIMATE"!
Text (228-271-7626) or email (workdoneriteforyou@gmail.com)
And leave the following information as detailed as possible to receive your
"Free OTP Estimate" ;
2.)Contact info/best time to reach out to speak with you
3.)Town & Street of job
4.)Multiple Pics of job
5.)Detailed description of job expectations
6.)Start Date and daily workable time schedule. (Earliest job work can start/ latest job work can go)

Understanding all billing possibilities!

Understanding our Estimates/Job Costs we may offer you depending on the requirements of the job/jobs is important so that everyone knows what to expect and nothing is unforseen. A written outline of the work to be performed requires signatures of employer and employee both before start of work
There are two ways you "MAY" be offered work outlines;

1.) Individual estimates.
(Price listed by homeadvisor.com)
-which means a description of the job is typed on homeadvisor.com and up pops the labor price guide of your zipcode's
Low side cost, the high side cost, and the average costs of each specific job. Most labor prices will be on the low side , w/ high risk health exceptions including (but not limited to) sewage work, non ground work, electrical, jobs with extreme measures.

2.)Daily Rate (8hr/day)
This, if offered, because handymen are efficient and work quickly can really save on labor costs when there's a list of multiple (non high-risk) jobs needed done.
$240.00 per eight hours (hours start upon arrival to procure materials (meaning if I have to get materials before I show up to the job then the "on the job" hours start when I enter Lowe's to shop for you)
Rates are broke down in 4hr segments, meaning there is a 4hr min labor charge, and segments round up. Anything exceeding 8 hours can be pro-rated.

A.) Handyman starts at 8:30am and finishes at 10:50am. Costs $120.00

B.) Handyman starts 10:20am and finishes at 4:15pm. Costs $240.00

C.)Handyman starts 6:45am and finishes at 5:45pm.
Pro-Rated Costs $330.00

3.)After hour rates (5pm) have a increased varying labor costs based on individual job requirements.

4.)There is a $20 surcharge for main items material run. If special arrangements are needed to deliver materials to site there will be an a additional charge based on the needs at that time.

5.) If an on site estimate is required that doesn't include work starting on the job at that time, due to increased fuel costs and lost work hours, there will be a minimum fee of $25 depending on circumstances.

Helping Hand is a 24/7 sole proprietor business.

We labor cost garauntee any work performed that we fixed. Meaning if I worked on it and it isn't fixed after I leave and it takes two weeks to realize it, call me and I will fix it with only no labor charge.

Interested in ways to get some discounts, ask me about them and maybe there may be ways to save you some cash.

Payment options;


2.)I accept the following
Credit Card
Cash app
Chime. Peer to peer
Facebook Pay
I can also download any payment apps that make me convenient for us both and I may also capable at the time and be able to offer installment plans on labor cost if the entire final bill cannot be afforded all at one time, because I understand that just because someone can't afford full payment rite now on something doesn't mean that it doesn't need done rite now.

So please call text email Helping Hand handyman now see what we can do for you.

Helping Hand Handyman
Gulfport/Long Beach
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