I promise you wont see them again (Anywhere I need to)

German roaches, do you or someone you know have them as guest....

Invasive, hard to control, tried everything nothing will work.

I'm sure If you personally know this roach, im sure you have heard these words... you know then that's the belief. Hard to control them but been living around them.

I can change your truth on that.

I can!
I swear I can!

Oh I have been to a few homes and it took some convincing as I start the conversation like this,

"I can get rid of those. Never see em again"

And the typical response has been, no you can't. They will most of the times look me in eyes and say that.

I'm not joking I'm not lying I'm not wasting your time or money.

I'm just what you needed to find at this very moment. You know that story, a guy drowning and begged and prayed for a boat and everything the great he begged for help from sent like 3 different types of help and refused all of em because he was waiting in his time....
Something like that...but I think everyone reading this gets where I'm going with it.
Your peace is here, sent me, pass it up if you choose.

Names Nichole.
Let's set up the never see em again date, and get that out the way making them obsolete!

The fee.
Yes I have the answer and I could be that person and charge you whatever. Desperate, you might pay. I'm not. Breath. I'll leave room for tips.

My time
Distance drove, by the visit not hour, and that's it.
My numver of visits will be predetermined at the consultation.

The medicine
One (1) tube is $42.00
How many tubes I estimate for the size of infestation.
(won't even know its there, it's in gel form, safe for humans pets enviro)
BUT FOR THE NIGHTMARES, their last meal!

Youur freedom
(priceless that feeling)
That's where the tip comes in!

Total Bill
Transparent and I'm doing this of coarse because I am providing a service for the people to render and because I know people deserve peace. That's me having a job I love then!


Garunteed! 100% sure! My promise I will win against your infestation!

Ooooh for the disbelievers and I know all to well why you doubt...."tried everything"

I give you and your family my word, your money back if i lose the war! Even the money for my time, the whole amount I give what you paid to me back. Every cent!

Again, names Nichole,
I am an independent contractor
I'm insured and licensed.
Email: ctabk666 and that is at gmàịľ
Cell: two 2⃣ 8 three 0 ⁴ 05⁸³
^^^^^^^^^^lol, freaking scam people, look what I got to do to try and avoid that. ^^^^^^
Text me or call me.

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